About me:

I have come recently to Ceramics with a trip that has taken me through silversmithing and Chinese Brush Painting on my way to this new Alchemy that comes with the making of pots. My wife, Ming, got me involved after she had taken some classes at Terra Incognito

I create functional pottery as well as some decorative pottery, High Fire and Mid Fire. I incorporate my brush painting in some of my work and some of my fascination with glazes in others. I mix all my mid fire glazes and some of my high fire glazes.

I work and take workshops at Terra Incognito, Studios & Gallery in Oak Park. I do my high fire work (cone 10) there as well as the occasional wood firing and Raku firing. The mid fire work is done in my home.

I sell my work through a few local shops and the occasional art fair. I am still learning and appreciate the feedback those outlets provide, but the sitting down at the wheel and the process of molding, shaping, glazing and firing is what has captured my imagination. I do it for me. It's nice other people like the work as well that gives me my second smile.

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